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About Us

Celeris is the impact Investment fund of Grupo Pegasus

We support passionate entrepreneurs who want to change the world, by investing in innovative and disruptive business models that scale, from Argentina to the rest of Latín America, creating economic value and a positive social or environmental impact at the same time.

We strongly believe in Argentina's potential, its land and its people. We want to be active value-added supporters of entrepreneurial talent with capital to help restore the country's greatness.

Our Values


We welcome ideas independently of who they come from, and recognize the effort required and effectiveness for their execution.


We encourage creativity and initiative, which allow us to identify opportunities to create value.


We seek to perform our work professionally with highest standards and quality.


We recognize that the professional life is a journey of continuous learning, and accept constructive criticism and alternative points of view.


We cement our relationships based on trust, achieved daily through our ongoing pursuit of honesty, competence and commitment.


We intend to live our daily actions connected with awareness thay each person or situation warrants.


We appreciate the privilege to participate in the construction process with those who deposit their trust in us.

Investment Focus

We define Impact Investing as the practice of professionally placing capital in businesses that generate market returns and social and/or environmental measurable good at the same time.

Impact and Sustainable Development

Our impact investment focus is in line with the United Nations' Global Goals for sustainable development.

We believe that all of these themes are relevant for Argentina and private investment will play a key role in restoring the country's full potential.

No poverty

Gender Quality

No hunger

Clean water and

Good health

Renewable energies

Quality education

Good jobs &
economic growth


Life below water

Sustainable cities
and communities

Life on land


Peace and justice

Climate action

for the goals

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